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  • Cadence Mandybura

Pulp Literature Winter 2021 Launch

Image by Pulp Literature. Cover art by Kris Sayer.

Happy holidays! I'm very pleased to be reading in Pulp Literature's Winter 2021 issue launch on Jan. 2, 2021, at noon PST. Tune into the livestreamed launch on their YouTube channel. Join us!

I'm a big fan of Pulp Literature and am so glad to be included in its pages. This is a pretty special issue for me, too—I had not one but two pieces place in the Hummingbird Flash Fiction Prize, a trick I'll probably never pull off again knowing the calibre of writers who submit!

Speaking of which, if you write flash, check out Pulp Literature's Bumblebee Flash Fiction Prize for pieces under 750 words, opening Jan. 1, 2021.

Looking forward to the readings at the launch and reading through the whole issue! 💚

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